Free Star Coins & Diamonds + VIP – (Movie Star Planet) NO DOWNLOAD!!

IT WORKS NOW !! Link :

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21 Responses to Free Star Coins & Diamonds + VIP – (Movie Star Planet) NO DOWNLOAD!!

  1. Skr3Am67 says:

    Doesnt work

  2. Emmasl svardal says:

    Dont work

  3. naomi obi says:

    don’t work

  4. Izzabella Chapter says:


  5. Izzabella Chapter says:

    Not working 

  6. Brenda Herrera says:

    send me a friend request on msp my name is bendawuzx 😀

  7. MultiLovedove123 says:

    @ameliapabis AMEN!!! HE NEEDS TO FALL DOWN A HOLE! he’s such a dickfart!

  8. Liya Jamaranian says:

    MultiLovedove123 He changed my password to hihihi1 He is SUCH an idiot

  9. Hannah Lozano says:

    It told me if it doesn’t work my account will be banned and I will never be able to get to the site again… O_O I’M SCARED NOW!

  10. MultiLovedove123 says:

    Dont do it. I did it and they changed my password to hihihi12345. And now i have to change al my other accounts passwords cuz i out them in too

  11. Elizabeth Campuzano says:

    how long does it freaking take!

  12. armhf1 says:

    it’s dont work?? i have a swedish accout!

  13. Ricardo Dragusha says:

    no its only uk accounts/ it tells you how long it takes on the website. It might be taking long because they we are updating it! It should not take long now because we finished updating it now it looks amazingly nice check it out!! we payed an extra £50,00 to keep[ it up and make it look better . It does give it for free thats why this is the only website that works, give it for free and no downloads plus its got no surveys. Dont be scared to click on the link lol because theres no download

  14. laughingoutlaught says:

    Does it work with a french accout?

  15. cutiepielol123456789 says:

    It takes ages

  16. IFightForBacon says:

    How long does it take?

  17. Joy Smith says:

    i love moviestarplanet

  18. Ricardo Dragusha says:

    Yes Hadassah! I half own the website i use it to! Enjoy please be patient if it takes some time. I use it everyday and nothing happeneds to me i just get loads and loads of Sc.

  19. Hadassah Dulay says:

    Does it really give it for free?

  20. Ricardo Dragusha says:

    Yes it works on everything thay are making a cell phone only app too!

  21. Moxiegirl021 says:

    Does it work on cell phones

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