FIFA 14 Ultimate Team – Trading to 1 Million Coins (Finding Fortune) Ep. 4

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25 Responses to “FIFA 14 Ultimate Team – Trading to 1 Million Coins (Finding Fortune) Ep. 4”

  1. Hey guys, I recently discovered a glitch on FUT 14 which allows you to get as many coins as you want! Do not contact ea about this glitch or it may become patched so you can no longer use it. Contact me on this email if you are interested about receiving some free Fifa 14 ultimate team coins, Hope you enjoy! :)

  2. how long do you trade for an episode?

  3. FISCHER !!!

  4. 400th like <3

  5. Does anyone know this method?

  6. Futwiz

  7. please bodenz do not show the silver method it really works, but after you reveal it more and more people will use that method and it wouldn’t be effective anymore

  8. Futwiz check prices

  9. Oh man trading is so much harder than in fifa 13 I don’t know why I guess because the market is so unstable it so hard to get the price right

  10. Does anyone have anywhere i can go to check player prices

  11. what did you use for web ap screen capture

  12. That silver striker was in the Bundesliga =) unless they were relegated…

  13. Yea put the vid out m8, love your vids

  14. sorry for promoting

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  16. Willem TheWatchMan on September 30th, 2013 at 7:46 pm

    Each time I cross the ball the player crosses the ball way to far away.. How can I cross the ball to a player in front of the goal? please help

  17. help us with anuda vid

  18. that not too good league was bundesliga

  19. sorry for promoting
    but check out my new series creating chelsea ep1 ft 75k profit signing and 15k giveaway

  20. Please share this trading method!

  21. Hey man, how can I trade with 250K? My recent method stopped working after it got uploaded to youtube, so could you give any tips?

  22. Show at the end of each episode how much coins you have after all have sold

  23. Please, show us the silver method! Amazing series, amazing channel :)

  24. Show us the method please? Cheers, I’m a new subscriber :)

  25. Your chanel at its best! ( your gameplay series is awesome aswell thought) :)