FIFA 13 Ultimate Team | How To Make Coins [Easy]

Please remember to like the video it helps my channel grow :) Follow me below! FIFA 13 | Trading to 1 million series will start on the 20th of september Follow me on twitter for any news/updates on the web app etc… 1. buy now 300 technique. Simply buy gold players for 300 maximum price and quick sell the player 2. Maximum bid of 300 on a gold player then quick sell 3. keep kits you open in packs and try to sell them for what they are worth, you will be surprised! 4. sell bronze players in high rated teams (barclays premier league for example) 5. 59th minute technique, simply move to the last page of 59th minute and wait for a bargain Using these techniques should help you make easy money fast on FIFA 13 ultimate team, It’s kind of like a mini tutorial… Enjoy!

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25 Responses to FIFA 13 Ultimate Team | How To Make Coins [Easy]

  1. progamer8881 says:

    This site actually works tried it and got 100,000 free coins no strings attached. I know it sounds like spam but it is not mine I have no say. It is the first and only official one I found. Go to it and read what the person that does it says and decide for yourself.
    Website: fifa13utcoinsfree(dot)webs(dot)com
    Only PS3 (limit 100,000)

  2. Linus Johansson says:

    im stuck i dont know how to do i got 36 coins and i dont have any idea how to get more money helps please?

  3. Ryan Murphy says:

    how much would a Klose sell for (83 overall) ? thanks

  4. lorma96 says:

    Thank you mate :)

  5. AbdulC97 says:

    75 rated non rare golds quick sell for: 300 coins
    76 rated non rare golds quick sell for: 304 coins
    77 rated non rare golds quick sell for: 308 coins
    78 rated non rare golds quick sell for: 312 coins
    79 rated non rare golds quick sell for: 316 coins
    80 rated non rare golds quick sell for: 320 coins

  6. McProWafflez says:

    Thanks, cause i find them helpful

  7. EzekielGamingHD says:

    My next episode of trading to 1 million will be out in a couple of days busy IRL and making other squad builders atm…

  8. McProWafflez says:

    When is the next trading vid out

  9. EzekielGamingHD says:

    He should rise to about 10-12k then sell him. I bought him for like 3-4k not long ago! wish i kept him!

  10. lorma96 says:

    Ezekiel, I got Assaidi (5 star skiller from Liverpool) for 5k few days ago, and now his price is rising a bit, he’s around 8k at the moment. Shall I sell him now or his price will go up once the game is released?

  11. LSLVilla98 says:

    I have 30 k and I got rudy 433 950 coins I am quite good a trading

  12. FreeFifaAutobuyer says:

    Check out my channel for free FUT13 coins!!!!!!

  13. wildglorypsn says:

    for how much should i put it up when d game cums out???

  14. futballskills says:

    this is one of the youtubers more people need to find out about great channel.

  15. EzekielGamingHD says:

    Nice one, keep and sell as soon as the game comes out like 1 or two days

  16. wildglorypsn says:

    I Have an inform player which i got for 2500 coins….for how much should i sale it and also,should i sell it now or after d game cums out…i think i wil sale it after the game cums out after playin a couple of matches with it….i have alrdy built a gold team with a chemistry of 89 and rating of 4 stars 😀

  17. EzekielGamingHD says:

    Yesss good to hear buddy. Hopefully it will get bigger 😀

  18. EzekielGamingHD says:

    I know what you mean, just invest in players cheaper than the rest on the market in good formations

  19. EzekielGamingHD says:

    Brilliant stuff 😀

  20. MrAzza43 says:

    I love your channel mate I really like your trading vids you deserve a lot more views I have 30k on ultimate team now from playing math ex and watching your vids and doing the trading ways

  21. xToXiiCxNuKeZzx says:

    Don’t start this shit were bronzes and stupid silvers are like 10k it’s stupid

  22. FifaLabs says:

    I have 10,000 coins but dont know who to buy and stuff since the market has no cheap players that i can find.

  23. davidwt1000 says:

    bowery (aston villa) is beast!!!!

  24. DBee14 says:

    keep him then

  25. AndiKosh10 says:

    but he’s pacey and might turn out to be a 20k worth player? What should i do.

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